Sunday, March 15, 2009

Need a Night Cap?

How about one made of chocolate and mint?

I should have finished the Baking Beauties challenge earlier this week, as I needed something to help relax my mind before bed. I have been stressed out with our impending move and am finding it difficult to quiet my thoughts. These chocolate cookies, with a mint ganache filling, would easily send me off to a pleasant dreamland.

I made the Mint Nightcap Cookies over two days; I completed the ganache last night and the cookie portion this afternoon. After sneaking a little nibble of the "mint" infused chocolate ganache, I felt there wasn't enough of punch to it. I decided to add some chopped fresh mint to the cookie dough to help increase the intensity.

The ganache was a standard recipe of heavy cream and chocolate (of the semi-sweet variety). As I mentioned, the tablespoon of chopped mint did not impart enough flavour when boiled with the cream. If I were to make this recipe again, I would either let the mint steep in the cream for about half an hour, or add more than the recipe called for.

The cookie dough was quite simple to prepare. I managed to fit all of the cookies onto two baking sheets. I used a small ice cream scoop to portion out the dough, so that the sizes were all relatively equal. However, a spoon would've sufficed. I cooked them for the required 8 minutes, rotating the sheets halfway through.

The recipe calls for assembly just prior to serving. I plan on bringing these cookies to an afternoon get together later this week, so I only assembled a few for us to test tonight. I must say, these cookies were a treat! Quite rich in flavour, I could eat only one. I couldn't think of a better snack to send us off to bed...


Kim said...

Looks good Tina! I'm bowing out this week due to my terror at reading the recipe :) I'll be back next week for the Soda Bread of my People though.

Tina said...

Thanks! I can't believe I got it done.
Pat and I accomplished a lot this weekend, so I didn't feel so guilty spending time on this.
I hope to participate next week as well... as your People are now my People as well.

Kristina said...

I totally thought you would be too busy to make these cookies. You impress me all the time. These treats were such a hit. I used way more than the mint called for, I agree it needs to infuse longer. I am really enjoying these recipes. We are being introduced to all kinds of wonderful things. Thanks!

Jessica Stowe said...

Mmm, the ganache looks so good oozing out the corners of the cookie. Delish. And you did it in the midst of your busyness.

Misty said...

They look great Tina. I'm looking forward to trying them...I have bowed out of this week as I don't need more treats around this week. :)

Michele said...

Tina - the cookies look incredible...OMG! I want one right now!