Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Your Basic Blueberry Muffin

I missed last week's Baking Beauties recipe because things were just crazy around here. But, this week, I am back, and finished the recipe just under the wire.

This week's challenge was to make blueberry muffins, however, this was not a typical muffin recipe. The recipe we used from Julia Child's "Baking with Julia" was actually more of a cake style muffin.
We were required to cream the sugar with butter, and then add eggs and continue to beat until very fluffy. We then added the dry ingredients (which included cake flour) and wet ingredients alternately. I The result was a flat topped, soft textured, buttery blueberry muffin.

I can't say that I love them. They are good, but they are not what I expect from a muffin. I like muffins that are more of a dense texture. Having said that, I am sure they will still be gone by the end of tomorrow; we like our baked goods!

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Kim said...

Looks good! Craig wants to know the science behind why these are flat-topped, do you know?