Sunday, March 1, 2009

'X'trodinary Cookies

This week's Baking Beauties challenge was a twist on a Sicilian favourite, and is aptly named X-Cookies.
I can't say that I've ever been a fan of fig newton's. But this cookie, filled with a mixture of figs, almonds, chocolate and rum is nothing but a distant relative of that processed fruit filled cookie.

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The dough for the X-Cookie was incredibly forgiving - it is not possible to overwork! As well, the filling was a breeze to make; having just under the required amount of figs for the recipe, I substituted with extra raisins and almonds.
However, when the time came to assemble the cookies, I was faced with not only a sea, but rather an ocean of cookies. I guess I never really absorbed the part of the recipe where it states that it makes FIVE dozen. There were enough cookies for all of High Park!

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Luckily, I had a few occasions coming up where I could bring these little tasty treats, so they wouldn't be in the kitchen, tempting me. I must say, they were a hit with my fellow Junction moms as well as my parents.

I am very happy that this recipe came up early in the challenge. It is definitely a cookie I would make again, and it was definitely something I wouldn't have chosen on my own. Next week the Baking Beauties move on to something savoury - Tomato & Cheese Galette. Yum!


Kim said...

I'm glad yours turned out! See, what'd I say, Baking Queen :)
A Sicilian lady at my work said she would bring some in next time her mother makes them so I can see what theirs taste like. I won't let her try mine.

Misty said...

Great job again this week Tinks!

Anonymous said...

Those look great!

Jessica Stowe said...

I made this recipe late and saw how many cookies it made for you so I halved it. Hmmm...It could be that Im just having an off day, but my cookies dont look as pretty as yours. And It is sticking to everything. I wonder what Im doing wrong.