Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baking Biscotti

This week's Baking Beauties challenge was to make biscotti. Well, as Julia points out, any cookie in Italy is called "biscotti." What we were making is what we in North America think of when we hear biscotti. The proper name of the cookie is actually Cantuccini and it is delicious.
It is such an easy cookie to make, with little more to it than flour, sugar, eggs and whatever flavour components you want to stick in. The original Julia Child recipe calls for the addition of unblanched almonds, however, I had on hand some pistachios and cocoa nibs that I thought would be a delicious alternative.
The recipe in "Baking with Julia" makes eight dozen, so I scaled the recipe down in half. Normally, I would have made the entire thing and freeze half, but it is so easy to do, there is no need to prepare batches ahead of time.
This cookie has a great flavour and you can eat a handful without having to feel guilty. The only fat in the recipe comes from the eggs (and I guess whatever other sinful additions you make on your own accord).
The only pitfall to these tasty treats is that if you plan on serving them to guests, be prepared to also make some accompanying lattes, as these biscotti just beg to be dipped into a frothy beverage. So, dust of your espresso maker, call up some friends and ENJOY!

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Jennie said...

Oh yum! I bet the pistachios were terrific!