Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fruit Focaccia - This Week's Baking Beauties Challenge

Oh my. Not only did I complete a Daring Cook's Challenge on Friday (you'll have to wait until July 14th to see the results), a Daring Baker's Challenge yesterday, but also a Baking Beuties Challenge today. What a busy weekend... and I've got to say, I am ordering in dinner tonight. These hands will not be touching any more pots or pans today.

The Fruit Focaccia from Julia Child's "Baking with Julia" is a straightforward recipe, with not too much work involved (minus resting/proofing time of course). It kind of reminds me of the flavour of Panettone, without all of the cake around it. I think that I would have preferred the focaccia with a bit less fruit in it. I am a bread fiend, so anything that takes away from it just seems like a waste.

I can't really say if I'd make this again, as I am kind of indifferent to the finished product. It did make me want to make a savoury focaccia though - maybe of the rosemary/sea salt variety. But I will save that for another weekend because as of right now... I. AM. DONE.

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Anita said...

You have been very busy - so many Challenges! I think a rosemary and salt focaccia would be delicious.