Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tortilla Crusted Chicken with Avocado Dip

I am so excited about the new cookbook that we are working through for the Baking Beauties. Over the last year or so, sometimes I have found that it's hard to think of what to make for dinner. It's not that I can't come up with ideas - please, I am constantly thinking of food. But, with so much going on in our busy lives I find that far too often I realize it's 4pm and I haven't decided what it is I am making for dinner.
Pre-children, this wouldn't always be a huge issue. I would stop by the grocery store after work, start cooking when I got home and by 6pm when my hubby would step in the door, dinner would be on the table.
Now, it's pretty much game over after I pick up my toddler from daycare. Occasionally, both children throw me a bone by napping (Elliott) and playing independently (Avery). But, as I just said, this is not normally the case.
So, going back to my first thought, what makes "Bite Me" so wonderful is that each recipe is straightforward, easy and an all-around crowd pleaser. Or so it seems. A few of us have skipped ahead and tested out some recipes - all were hits.
The Tortilla Chicken on page 141 is certainly no exception. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this tortilla and cheese breaded chicken breast is something heavier than we normally eat. But, maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. Really, how much boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breast can one family eat?

The real winner from this recipe is the avocado dip. So smooth and creamy and delightful. I almost wanted to throw the extra into my ice cream maker to see what the outcome would be. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we finished off the dip before I could test it out. I used the extra dip as a spread on some veggie sandwiches and a southwest inspired burger. Yumelish!
Anyways - if you don't have this cookbook yet, what are you waiting for! It might be the one time I can actually get away with telling someone to "Bite Me"

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Gina said...

I feel like I have to start cooking at 2pm to get supper complete!