Monday, September 6, 2010

TLT - Terribly Late Tina

Is it Monday already?
Once again, I am late for posting this week's Baking Beauties challenge. It's never because I am late at completing the challenge... it's just that the weekends always speed by and the next thing I know, it's Monday morning and I am cursing that I now have to rush to complete the post.
As most people, I find mt mind is in a complete fog on Monday mornings, so please excuse any randomness in this post.

Okay, back to the good stuff. The TLT (Larry T) Salad. During the summer, when the weather is smok'n and our family is trying to survive in our home (that does not include air conditioning), the thought of turning on the stove or the oven just disgusts me. We often eat a "Big Salad" (a la Seinfeld) for dinner. It's healthy, it's filling and it keeps us cool.

This salad was exactly that. I might be lying a little, since I did have to use the oven to bake the croutons and bacon. But, the croutons were easily prepared the evening before (when the house got down to a respectable temperature).

I absolutely loved the dressing for this salad. I used the tiny bit of basil that grew in my garden this summer (it caught a horrible disease that left most of the leaves discoloured and inedible) in the dressing. It was so fresh and tart and just what I like in my vinaigrette.

The entire salad was a hit. In fact, this was the third time making it since we bought Bite Me. It definitely won't be the last either.


Misty said...

That's just means that the rest of us can't get in trouble if we forget or are late! :)

Such a delish salad!!!

Kristina said...

So I waited for you to post so that I could leave my comments. This is my condensed blog post. We did make this salad and took it to work for lunches. Andrew complained it tasted like dirt and didn't want to take it a second day. I was fine with it but nothing special. Since I had all the ingredients left in the fridge I decided to make a sandwich. I know this is suppose to be a salad version of a sandwich, but I have to say I loved the sandwich version 100% better, but then again I love sandwiches and not a huge salad fan.

Kim said...

I totally loved this salad. Kristina maybe you need to wash your veggies a little more thoroughly :)

Roberthussy said...

We were saddened to hear that LaceySue passed away tonight. She was one of the original members of the Lounge and participated in the first highly publicized meetup in the early days of MouseWait. Her vast knowledge of Disneyland added credibility to the Lounge in it's infancy, and she was always the first to post breaking news. Our prayers and condolences go out to her family tonight. Please post your memories of Lacey here - and post any pics you have as well.