Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pound for Pound - Our first Baking Beauties Assignment

To kick off the new blog group, Baking Beauties, we were assigned to make a delicious Vanilla Pound Cake... and I had the perfect occasion for it!
I brought it over to my lovely sister's house for a Family Day feast and it was a success. I made a quick blueberry sauce and cinnamon spiced whipped cream to accompany the delicately flavoured cake.

The recipe was quite easy to prepare and turned out a lovely dense crumbed cake. I substituted vanilla paste for extract, as I love seeing the tiny flecks of vanilla bean throughout the crumb. I used a standard bundt pan and baked the recipe for the full 55 minutes. A generous butter and flouring of the pan made it a breeze to unmold the cake from the pan without any tears.

Although we finished the cake long before it became stale, the genius Julia Child suggests that 'less than fresh' pound cake can be toasted and used under ice cream. I almost wish we had left some to dry out!

Next week we bake X-cookies, which are sure to be delightfully tasty!


Misty said...

Looks yummy Tinks! I can't wait to eat mine tonight!

Kim said...

Looks awesome!
Also, Craig made fun of how big my slice was, it was half the size of your first picture. He read the part of the recipe that said "The cake is best served in thin slices" and felt I hadn't gone thin enough. That picture makes me feel better :)