Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're on a (Chiffon) Roll!

I have a feeling I may be one of the only Baking Beauties to complete this week's challenge. While talking with some of the other members, I could sense their panic with the lengthy recipe for the Vanilla Chiffon Roll. But, the Beauties could have relaxed. The recipe actually wasn't too tricky at all. I must admit that there was a tiny stressful moment (mixed with a very messy counter top) while I tried to roll the cake around the mousse. However, all ended very well.

The cake portion of this recipe was simple and quick; it takes only ten minutes to bake! I made a few substitutions, which thankfully, didn't compromise the quality of the finished cake. I didn't have any vegetable oil on hand, so I used olive oil. The cake took on a slightly fruity flavour because of it, which paired very well with the mousse.

The mousse was a bit more laborious than the cake portion of the recipe. I tackled the mousse in the evening, after my little bug had gone to sleep. I didn't need any extra tiny hands getting into the mix! However, since our move, not everything is where it should be. The walnuts needed for the recipe were being held hostage in Avery's closet and would not be making an appearance for this cake. I did have pistachios (my favourite) available, and decided that they were just as good (if not better) to use. Much grinding and whisking later, a deliciously rich and not overly sweet mousse was created.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, the trickiest part of the recipe was assembling the cake. The cake is thin, large and delicate. I was quite satisfied that it didn't crack when rolling it over the mousse. Of course, I had been too impatient to let the mousse firm up a bit before attempting to assemble everything, so much of it came out of the sides. It was the perfect excuse to eat up the spillage. I wrapped the assembled cake and left it in the fridge to firm up overnight.

I brought most of the cake to a Mommy playgroup, where it was gobbled up quite quickly. I was happy to hear good reviews all around. This is definitely a recipe I would try again. In the summer, I imagine it with stabilized whipped cream and fresh berries for a light and tasty dessert.


Andrew said...

Kristina made it a few days ago but I guess she hasn't gotten around to writing a report about it yet. It was definitely the best thing she's made for your little cyber-club and possibly the greatest thing she's ever made. When I saw it in the fridge it looked pretty gross and I wasn't looking forward to sampling it at all. She pointed it out as something that was specifically off limits and I thought: "Yeah, next time you put a see-through diaper in the fridge don't worry about me stealing it." As soon as the cling wrap came off and I tried it I was extremely upset that she made it for a pot luck. Curse her sharing! It even looked as good as yours does. She told me some lame story about screwing up when putting it together but I don't see a difference between yours and hers. I can't believe she made those terrible, heart attack inducing muffins, insisted she followed the directions to the letter, than she makes the most delicious thing ever and tells me she screwed up.

Jessica Stowe said...

It was a crazy week and weekend but I still really want to make this one. Yours looks good!