Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding!

One of my oldest and dearest friend's, Kim (of Not Julia) got married last night. It was a whirlwind romance; a brief ten year courtship before they tied the knot (although I shouldn't poke fun, as that was as long as it took for my husband to pop the question!).
I not only had the pleasure of being her maid of honour, but as well, Kim bestowed on me the privilege of making their wedding cake. I should note that I am also lucky in the fact that Kim and Craig are two of the most easy going people I have ever met. There was a good chance I would never encounter any Bridzilla moments from Kim.

The happy couple opted for a three tiered cake, with the bottom and top tiers made of chai spiced cake with chai mousseline buttercream and the middle tier a more standard vanilla cake with lemon curd flavoured buttercream. Everything was topped with an exceptionally sweet white fondant - this is the one instance where I believe aesthetics takes precedence over taste.
I can't believe how much I agonized over this cake. Actually, that's not entirely true... I knew I would obsess over it. I wanted to make sure that the cake was exactly what Kim and Craig expected.

Once the cake was completed, and I had finally restricted myself from touching it any more, my anxiousness turned to how I would transport the heavy, sugary beast to the venue. I was lucky enough to have a van show up as my cab ride, with an extremely friendly and helpful driver. As soon as the cake left my hands, I huge relief washed over me and I was ready to enjoy the night...and what a night it was.
CONGRATULATIONS to Kim & Craig! Kim you looked absolutely gorgeous! And Craig, you rocked that swanky suit! Here's wishing you all the best in the years to come!

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Kim said...

Thanks Tina! And thanks for the amazing cake.... My mom has the entire bottom tier frozen in pieces in her deep chest freezer, so I plan on actually pulling it out every once in a while to eat some more of :)