Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boca Negra - Never Again!

This week's Baking Beauties challenge was to make Boca Negra. For those who are not familiar, this is an extremely rich, liquor perfumed cake, topped off with a white chocolate ganache. I've gotta say Julia, this was a bit much, even for you!

I took the thinnest slice possible and toned down the white chocolate ganache by folding it with some whipped cream; I am still feeling a bit ill almost two hours after eating it.

It's not that the cake wasn't tasty - it was. The cake was just too decadent for this baker. Also, I had one tiny complication. Julia is adamant that you bake the cake for precisely 30 minutes. Well, after 30 minutes, I had my doubts that it had set, but what was I to do? I had put my trust in Julia's expertise... and let's just say that when I inverted the pan, there was one hot mess on the plate. No harm done though, I just poured everything back into my pan, and cooked it a bit longer.

I must say I did enjoy the addition of alcohol to this cake and the accompanying ganache. I substituted some Crown Royale for the bourbon with excellent results. But, on the whole, the cake wasn't my favourite. So, chances are, I will not be revisiting this recipe.

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