Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Big Cupcake for a Big Boy One!

That doesn't really make sense, does it? Well, what I am getting at is my darling little nephew, Oliver, turned one today. And in celebration of this big milestone, I made him a giant cupcake birthday cake.
Since he doesn't talk yet, his mom and I were allowed to decide the theme for his birthday (what do one year olds know anyways!). We thought someone as sweet as Oliver deserved an equally sweet and adorable cake.

The cake is a simple white butter cake, filled with a fresh peach puree and peach mousseline buttercream. I decorated the cake with simple rolled fondant (the white chocolate kind, as I find it has a slightly better taste than the plain stuff).

My sister gave me complete carte blanche on what flavour of cake to make. Being that the last week or so has been a heat wave here in T.O., I was inspired to do something light and fresh. I made a wonderful peach puree by blending some market fresh peaches, reducing it by half, and adding a little almond and vanilla extract. At one point, I let Avery try some and he insisted on having more (and more and more). I got a bit nervous that he might eat all of it. I don't remember him being that fond of peach puree when he was a baby!

Michele and I had met up earlier in the week to make cupcake shaped monogrammed cookies as favours for the party. Well, really I should say that I hid in the kitchen decorating while Michele was stuck entertaining our two little ones. If you asked, I am sure each of us would say we got the better deal. We used a blue and green motif. Each cookie was placed in a cellophane bag, tied with red and white twine. This is what I used as inspiration for the colour scheme of the cake.

I used blue fondant as the "paper cup" portion of the cake, brown fondant for the "cake" and white fondant for the "icing." The whole thing was topped with a cherry and sprinkles made of (you guessed it) fondant.

I don't know how impressed Olie was, but I can say all the older children were fighting over who got the cherry. Jerry decided that it was best to have all the children share the prized decoration.

Happy Birthday little Oliver. I can't believe a year has gone by already. You are as adorable and pleasant as the day you were born, and we can't wait to watch you grow even more!

Oh, and PS, with the busyness of this weekend, I didn't manage to complete our Baking Beauties challenge. I will do this tomorrow and post after I am finished... promise ;)

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